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Ragged Old Flag
One of Cash’s great classic albums and the first one on which every song included was written by him.
Price $15.95
All American Country
A nice introduction to the music of Johnny Cash for the new fan and lots of good memories for the longtime fan. This assortment of Cash classics will delight any fan!
Price $15.95
America-A 200 Year Salute in Story And Song
One in a series of Johnny Cash albums that celebrates American identity and history, AMERICA is a running catalogue of key events in the development of the nation. The songs are sequenced chronologically--the record begins with "Paul Revere" and "Begin West Movement," moves through "The Gettysburg Address" and "Mister Garfield" (a story of an assassination attempt on the President), and ends with "On Wheels and Wings." Along the way, Cash takes the listener on a journey, from the struggle for American independence to the rise of cars and airplanes.

Like the earlier RIDE THIS TRAIN album, the songs are interspersed with a running commentary by Cash, in a style that is half old-time raconteur, half grass-roots educator. While the subject matter of the record is much broader than that of Cash's more personal material, AMERICA still makes for an intriguing stop in the artist's discography, with its contents equally appropriate for a campfire performance or reference in a junior-high history course. The disc is yet another lesser-known gem from this multifaceted, iconoclastic figure.
Price $15.95
Bitter Tears (Ballads of the American Indian)
With his highly personal early 1960s work, Johnny Cash had been trying the patience of the Columbia brass, who were less than thrilled with his commercial performance. When "Ring of Fire" topped the country charts in 1963, it allowed him to continue the many ambitious concept albums-history lessons close to his heart. The eight songs on 1964's Bitter Tears are sung from the point of view of the American Indian (still the accepted term in 1964), and together they form a potent work that is both deeply real and highly spiritual. With assistance from co-composer Peter LaFarge, Cash offers an earnest, solemn portrait of Native Americans that examines a variety of issues through a range of viewpoints and contained in unadorned musical settings. Cash actually took out full-page ads daring radio programmers to play "The Ballad of Ira Hayes," but all of the material hits home, from LaFarge's defiant "As Long as the Grass Shall Grow" to Johnny Horton's mournful, spooky "The Vanishing Race."
Price $15.95
Sings the Ballads of the True West
Originally released in 1965 as a double album, Ballads weaves Cash's narrations and original compositions with traditional songs and interpretations of other writers' material to draw one man's portrait of the Old West. Cash turns in some of his sturdiest vocals, virtually inhabiting the likes of "I Ride an Old Paint" and Carl Perkins's morbid "Ballad of Boot Hill." And he gets points for not scrubbing up some of the more raggedy old traditional lyrics. But there's often too much extraneous stuff--background singers, strings, sound effects--and while they are clearly to Cash's specifications and executed seamlessly, his own weather-beaten voice alone would usually have been more effective; for all the drama in his vocals, too much of this exasperating set sounds like background music. By the way, this album's mythmaking "Hardin Wouldn't Run" provided the basis for Bob Dylan's mythmaking "John Wesley Harding." The 2002 reissue adds a pair of bonus tracks.
Price $15.95
Songs of Our Soil
This particular album was inspired by the folk revival, including as it did, several traditional songs as well as original songs written by Johnny, mainly based on experiences of growing up in a farming community.
Five Feet High and Rising was written about the Arkansas floods in 1937 when Johnny, only five, was too young to appreciate the gravity of the situation, but old enough to retain a deep and lasting impression of wonderment.
Clementine, while based loosely on the traditional song My Darling Clementine, is given new lyrics and sounds like a completely different song - it's very amusing. I wanna Go Home is a cover of a song better known these days as Sloop John B, the title used by the Beach boys when they recorded it.
Old Apache Squaw is one of many songs that Johnny has recorded about the people who inhabited America before Columbus discovered it - understandably, given his fascination with and empathy for Native Americans.
The Great Speckled Bird is a cover of Roy Acuff's classic gospel song. Although not part of the original album, the inclusion of two of Johnny's country hits from around that time - I Got Stripes and You Dreamer You - is most welcome.
There are many other fine songs on this fascinating album. If you enjoy Cash’s early music, you will love this
Price $15.95
Blood, Sweat and Tears.
"For this 1963 concept album, Johnny Cash assumes the voice of the American worker, lending his booming baritone to both traditional and modern folk ballads and blues. ""The Legend of John Henry's Hammer"" becomes a majestic eight-minute suite that expands upon the original story of the ""steel-drivin' man"" with powerful dramatic effect. ""Another Man Done Gone"" receives an eerie a cappella reading with June Carter, while ""Casey Jones,"" the old blues about the engineer, rides along with sprite banjo and background harmonies. Cash also offers unique interpretations of more recent compositions. Both Jimmie Rodgers's ""Waiting for a Train"" and Merle Travis's ""Nine Pound Hammer"" are taken at a relaxed, gently loping pace and with a more subdued outlook than their original versions. Harlan Howard's classic ""Busted"" works marvelously as Mother Maybelle's bright Autoharp contrasts with Luther Perkins's deliberate twang and Cash's laconic delivery. Through it all, Cash brings out the inner strength and dignity of his toiling protagonists"
Price $15.95
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