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The Greatest - Country Classics
Celebrating one of the most legendary and diverse careers of all time, Johnny Cash The Greatest series highlights and honors the various musical sides of Johnny Cash. Above all else, Johnny Cash is a country music icon. Cash always understood that no matter where he roamed as a musician, the music's center must hold, its time-tested canon must be the foundation upon which the music would evolve. Careful in selecting country material, Cash made sure its spirit resonated within him and advanced a message consistent with his own values and reflected a reverence for country music history. Cash's profound relationship with country music is contained on The Greatest: Country Classics.
Price $18.95
20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection
12 straight-shootin' classics from the most adventuresome man in country music
Price $16.95
The Very Best of Johnny Cash Live
A collection of great live performances by Cash, June carter Cash and the Carter Sisters.
Price $15.95
Life Unheard
Hidden in the vaults of Sony Music Entertainment, and now unearthed, enjoy a dozen rare tracks from Cash’s legendary career with LIFE UNHEARD. From solo acoustic recordings cut at the House of Cash studio in Nashville to raucous live concerts taped at the Newport Folk Festival, the White House, and more; this is Johnny Cash as you’ve always known him, and never yet heard him. Features 2 previously unreleased tracks.
Price $13.95
The Very Best of Johnny Cash & June
Theirs was one of the most storied romances of country music history. Now you can enjoy 14 of Johnny and June's best cuts together.
Price $18.95
16 Biggest Hits
A great compilation of some of Cash’s best known songs.
Price $15.95
Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show
From the Summer of 1969 through the final show in March 1971, The Johnny Cash TV Show established Johnny as a true artist and exposed America to an eclectic array of musical talent. Includes his hits I Walk the Line and A Boy Named Sue plus Stand By Your Man Tammy Wynette; I've Been Everywhere Johnny Cash & Lynn Anderson; Johnny One Time Brenda Lee; Ring of Fire Ray Charles, and more.
Price $13.95
16 Biggest Hits Volume II
The second volume containing even more of Cash’s best known and loved songs
Price $15.95
2010 collection of iconic recordings from one of music's most memorable (and successful) acts. From hit singles to fan favorites and album tracks, this compilation of great tunes tells a more fulfilling story than any written biography ever could. One listen and you'll understand why this release is part of the Icon series! Universal.
Price $19.95
Mercury Years
compilation for the, 'Man in Black' which highlights the late eighties through the early nineties. An 18-track round-up of the best tracks recorded during his stay with Mercury during the late 80's and early 90's. Includes duets with Emmylou Harris, Hank Williams Jr, Waylon Jennings, W. Lee O'Daniel and Tom T. Hall. Highlights include a cover of Dylan's 'Wanted Man', 'Sixteen Tons', 'Sweeter Than Flowers' and the former number one, 'Don't Take Your Guns To Town'.
Price $18.95
The Very Best of Johnny Cash Duets
His #1 smash Highwayman with the Highwaymen joins Girl from the North Country with Bob Dylan; I Got Stripes with George Jones; Crazy Old Soldier with Ray Charles; Hammers and Nails with the Statler Brothers; The Three Bells with the Carter Family and more prized pairings! Sony Nashville.
Price $19.95
Country Boy
A nice introduction to the music of Johnny Cash for the new fan and lots of good memories for the longtime fan. This assortment of Cash classics will delight any fan!
Price $13.95
The Greatest - The Number Ones
This 19-song overview of all of Johnny Cash's #1 hits is the most stellar collection of his most beloved work. From absolute classic "I Walk The Line," to "A Boy Named Sue," which made Cash a superstar, to the legendary live performance of "Folsom Prison Blues," the best work of Johnny Cash is represented here. Few artists ever achieved the legendary status of Johnny Cash and these 19 tracks represent Johnny Cash at his peak. The Number Ones displays the absolute chart-topping prowess of a superstar as big as any artist in history.
Price $18.95
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash 16 Biggest Hits
There have been many highly successful duet partnerships in the history of country music. But no other coupling as lasting or has made the same impact as Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Having met in the mid 1950's on various package tours, Johnny and June had a tumultuous courtships that yielded the greatest of all country marriages. Partners in life and in song, Johnny and June had some of the best duets like "Jackson" and "It Ain't Me Babe," collected here for the first time.
Price $17.95
Super Hits Vol. II
Follow up to the immensely successful Vol. I of the same name.
Price $16.95
Super Hits
The title explains this collection: Some of Johnny Cash’s biggest and most beloved hits. To anyone discovering Cash or introducing him to someone else, this is a good starting point.
Price $15.95
The Legend of Johnny Cash
This introduction to the Man in Black's catalog is about as fine a one as can be found on one disc, primarily because the 21 classic tracks span J.R. Cash's entire career, from his first rockabilly single, "Hey, Porter"/"Cry! Cry! Cry!" (Sun Records, 1955), to his last significant alt-country tracks (American Recordings, 2003). Though Cash had his peaks and valleys in the studio, what shines brightly on this collection is how constant--how unwavering--his creativity remained, whether he was writing and performing original material or interpreting the work of others. His voice, too, remained a majestic thing of wonder, even as Cash often sang off-beat; settled his bass-baritone somewhere around, if not on the note; and cared more about power and emotion than strict rules of measure--something that became especially important as illness changed his great oaken voice into a frail instrument. In this way, he was able to infuse novelty songs ("One Piece at a Time," "A Boy Named Sue") with undeniable cool and maintain the poetry of Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" even in the awful advent of a gloppy, too-peppy string section. Other chestnuts here take on new dimension in retrospect. "Jackson," a duet with wife June Carter Cash, seemed almost comedic ("hotter than a pepper sprout") when it was released, but now reveals the couple's own white-hot sexuality, primarily in June's elegant, if straightahead vocal. The surprise of The Legend of Johnny Cash is how seamlessly the newer material blends with the seminal, and how full-circle it sometimes comes: Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage" doesn't seem markedly different from the quietly defiant songs that Cash defined himself with in the '50s and early '60s. Yet the compilation producers, like Cash himself, saved the best for last. "Hurt," Trent Reznor's poignant meditation on addiction, is devastating as written, but becom
Price $19.95
The Legend of Johnny Cash Vol. II
The follow-up to the immensely successful The Legend of Johnny Cash, this is a must-have for new and old fans alike.
Price $19.95
The Greatest - Duets
Celebrating one of the most legendary and diverse careers of all time, Johnny Cash The Greatest series highlights and honors the various musical sides of Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash's duets are the work of an artist seeking the very meaning and value of friendship. When he teamed up with another artist, Cash was able to align his core beliefs and talents with some of the biggest and best names in music. Cash and his wife June Carter shared an intense, unparalleled bond and recorded several legendary duets together, but Cash also teamed up with an amazingly diverse group of artists such as Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and Waylon Jennings. The Greatest: Duets is a moving chronicle of a man feeling blessed by friendship and returning it full measure.
Price $18.95
The Very Best of Johnny Cash
Welcome to Sony’s playlist series. Painstakingly compiled by the artists and the music nuts at Legacy Recordings, these collections truly represent an artists' complete body of work. We've fished through hundreds-thousands-of tracks to cherry pick the perfect playlists. Not just the hits (anyone can find those). The life changing cuts. The out-of-print tracks. The fan favorites everyone loves. The songs that make the artist who they are. You’ll no doubt enjoy the sound of the beautifully remastered songs on this CD (as opposed to MP3's that contain less information, which translate into compromised sound). But we think the thing you'll appreciate most about this Playlist is that even though you didn't make it, you might wish you did.
Price $15.95
Original Album Classics 5-CD Boxed Set
An amazing collection of some of Cash’s finest early Columbia Records albums. A must-have for the die-hard Cash fan of for anyone who wants to get to know the musical legacy of The Man In Black. Five Complete albums containing 72 songs: The Fabulous Johnny Cash (1958), Songs Of Our Soil (1959), Hymns By Johnny Cash (1959), Ride This Train (1960) and Orange Blossom Special (1965).
Price $39.95
The Complete Columbia Collection
JOHNNY CASH - THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION BRINGS TOGETHER 59 ALBUMS ON 63 CDs, FROM 1958's THE FABULOUS JOHNNY CASH THROUGH 1990's HIGHWAYMAN 2 WITH WAYLON, WILLIE AND KRISTOFFERSON 35 Albums Released on CD for the First Time by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S.; First 19 Albums (1958-1967) Released for First Time in Mono on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S. Rarities abound!: Live albums in London, Prague, Sweden, and New York; 1970 movie soundtrack albums; The Holy Land and The Gospel Road bible chronicles; Christmas and Children's albums; and much more! Two brand-new compilations especially for this box set: o Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar (at Sun Records, 1954-58, 28 songs); o The Singles, Plus (2 CDs, 55 songs, singles not originally included on albums, 'plus' guest performances on albums by Bob Dylan, The Carter Family, The Earl Scruggs Revue, Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, Shel Silverstein, and others)
Price $349.95
The Legend [BOX SET]
There are several Cash boxes available, but The Legend--spanning the years 1955-2002 concentrating on his long tenure at Columbia and, to a lesser degree, his beginnings at Sun--probably belongs at the top of the list. Cash's greatest strengths are dramatized on these four, thematically programmed discs: Win, Place and Show: The Hits; Old Favorites and New; The Great American Songbook (mostly traditional songs); and Family and Friends (collaborations). For starters, consider the staggering depth and breadth of his repertoire (perhaps matched only by those of Bob Dylan and Ray Charles), embracing ancient folk tunes ("Streets of Laredo"), teen pop ("Ballad of a Teenage Queen"), mature contemporary rock ("Highway Patrolman"), gospel ("Were You There When They Crucified My Lord"), topical fare ("Ballad of Ira Hayes"), country standards ("Time Changes Everything"), novelties ("One Piece at a Time"), and more. Then there's the way his spare, spacious sound opens up to take in horns ("Ring of Fire"), strings ("Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down"), anything. The Legend includes seven previously unissued sides, most prominently "It Takes One to Know Me," a stirring salute to his wife June. --John Morthland
Price $55.95
"More than a few novelists and literature professors have cited the troika of love, god, and death as the basic subjects of all literary works. It just so happens that most music is about the same stuff, and Johnny Cash's music is especially so. Except in Cash's music, you can tease from the general (peculiarly American?) idea of death the more dramatic, intentional, cruel strain of murder. The distinction is crucial for Cash--and this 48-track, three-CD collection--as the struggle presented throughout this set is to understand the subject of a person's will. The will to love, the will to believe, the will to murder: each involves surrender, and most of Cash's protagonists surrender (or are so vanquished that there's no discernible difference). Barrel chested in its breadth, Cash's voice is as ideal a delivery mechanism for metaphysics as it is for the police blotter, the confessional, and the altar. As for the music, Love, God, Murder goes all out to follow its thematic breakdown, avoiding chronological layout--except for Sun-era classics like ""Folsom Prison Blues"" and ""I Walk the Line"" to open Murder and Love, respectively. Murder's inclusion of ""Orleans Parish Prison"" and its B-side ""Jacob Green,"" both recorded in 1972 at Stockholm, Sweden's Osteraker Prison, testify at once to the American roots and global relevance of Cash's vision. The contrasts between '90s material like Kris Kristofferson's ""Why Me Lord"" and Cash's own ""Redemption"" (both from American Recordings) with 1958's ""It Was Jesus"" and 1959's ""Great Speckled Bird"" (on God) is inspired, a great way to track the sometimes single-mindedness of Cash in his investigation of human behavior. Sure, the inclusion of short commentaries by Cash, U2's Bono (on God), June Carter Cash (on Love), and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino (on Murder) amounts to ver"
More Details+Price $41.98
The Sun Singles Collection
There have been many collaborations in musical history that were clearly meant to be, almost too many to speak of, but the union of Johnny Cash and Sun record's Sam Phillips is one that deserves to be celebrated time and time again. From Hey Porter! to Folsom Prison Blues to I Walk The Line, Cash's ascendancy into the realm of Rock and Roll royalty can be clearly traced, and who better to lead him there than the man who discovered the King.
Price $29.95
The Essential Johnny Cash
It's a great and perhaps impossible challenge to encapsulate the highlights of Johnny Cash's vast musical catalog in a two-CD, 36-song collection like this. Yet, though it barely scratches the surface, 2002's The Essential Johnny Cash--part of a series of compilations and reissues celebrating Cash's 70th birthday--does present three-dozen satisfying and balanced snapshots of some of the Man in Black's most memorable work for the Sun, Columbia, and Mercury labels. Above all else, these 36 selections are wonderful reminders of Cash's rustic eclecticism. Cuts range from '50s Sun rockabilly classics like "Hey Porter" and "I Walk the Line" to '60s country-folk gems like "The Ballad of Ira Hayes" and Cash's memorable duet with Bob Dylan on Dylan's "Girl from the North Country." Also included are more recent samplings of Cash's celebrated collaborations, including "Highwayman," which he recorded in 1984 with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson as part of the on-again, off-again supergroup the Highwaymen, and "The Wanderer," a fervent gospel collaboration with U2 that appeared on the band's 1993 album, Zooropa.
Price $24.95
Original Album Classics 3 Piece Boxed Set
Three-CD set containing a trio of albums from the Country legend, each housed in a replica mini-LP sleeve. Includes the albums, Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, (1969), which is unavailable in the U.S., The Johnny Cash Show-Live (1970) and Man In Black (1971). The latter two titles are long out of print in the U.S.' Sony. 2012.
Price $29.95
The Collection
Three classic cash albums; both acclaimed prison concerts: Live at Folsom and At San Quentin and America.
Price $29.98
Johnny Cash - The Definitive Collection CD
Johnny Cash - The Definitive Collection
A re-examination of a classic Johnny Cash recording era, 1985 to 1993 features an amazing litany of guest stars: U2; Hank Williams, Jr., Willie Nelson; Waylon Jennings, Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris and June Carter. The CD includes the hits 'Highwayman' and 'The Night Hank William Came To Town' plus the remarkable duet with U2 of 'The 'Wanderer'. Comprehensive Liner Notes by Country Music scribe Rich Kienzle. Original recording remastered March 4, 2008
Price $19.95
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