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Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1976
Johnny Cash was a unique figure in the turbulent 1970s, outspoken enough to be embraced by the counterculture, and yet conventional enough to be safe for middle America. It was in this latter mode that Cash devised one of his most successful forays into television ever: The Johnny Cash Christmas Special. Guests: Tony Orlando, Roy Clark, Tommy Cash, Barbara Mandrell, Billy Graham. Now for the first time since the original airing on CBS is the Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1976.
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Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1977
Johnny Cash was a unique figure in the turbulent 1970s, outspoken enough to be embraced by the counterculture, and yet conventional enough to be safe for middle America. It was in this latter mode that Cash devised one of his most successful forays into television ever: The Johnny Cash Christmas Special. Guests: Roy Clark, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, The Statler Brothers. Now for the first time since the original airing on CBS is the Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1977
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Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1978
For his 1978 Christmas special, the third in as many years, Johnny Cash moved the taping of the Christmas Special to Los Angeles, and, predictably, the program takes on a Hollywood feel. Guests include Kris Kristofferson and singer Rita Coolidge, both friends of the Cash family who perform a heartfelt "Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends," and Steve Martin, one of America's hottest new comics at the time. June Carter Cash, as always, performs with her husband, and other family members make appearances in this special as well. The show originally aired December 6, 1978.
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Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979
For the 1979 broadcast, Cash's annual CBS Christmas special returns to Nashville after taping the previous year's program in Los Angeles. This time he features his father, Ray Cash, and older brother Roy Cash in a visit to the small home in Dyess, Arkansas, where Johnny and his siblings were raised. Guests include Canadian pop and country star Anne Murray ("You Needed Me"), who was enjoying the most successful period of her career, and country music's Tom T. Hall, whom Cash introduces as "my very favorite songwriter" before Cash and Hall launch into a medley of Hall's hits "Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine," "The Year That Clayton Delaney Died," "I Love" and "Country Is." The show's comic foil is the late Andy Kaufman, who appears as his character Latka Gravas from the hit network show Taxi. The show originally aired December 6, 1979.
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The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show - 2-Disc Set

During the late 1960s and early '70s, Johnny Cash introduced country fans and viewers of his weekly variety show to hand-picked artists-- some contemporary country's best—whom they may not have otherwise had exposure to. This "best of" anthology is a little more random than its title suggests, omitting the duet with Bob Dylan from the program's debut (perhaps the best remembered highlight from the series) in favor of a duet with the then-emerging Joni Mitchell on "Girl From the North Country," and including a hokey arrangement of "I've Been Everywhere" with Lynn Anderson. Yet Ray Charles' soulful recasting of "Ring of Fire" is a revelation, and a roster ranging from Eric Clapton's Derek and the Dominoes to Roy Orbison to George Jones and (separately) Tammy Wynette made for some memorable television.

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Johnny Cash Christmas Specials 1976-1979
These late -1970's Christmas specials capture Johnny Cash at a high point in the run-up to his Country Music Hall of Fame election in 1980. Whether he is performing in the intimacy of his Nashville home or on a large soundstage, the elements of his success are here in abundance. This 4-DVD set spans 4 years of Johnny Cash Christmas specials including over 60 performances and features the biggest names in classic Country including June Carter Cash, Roy Clark, Jerry Lee Lewis, Anne Murray, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and many others. Each DVD contains an essay by the staff of the Country Music Hall of Fame. See individual year descriptions for lineup.
Price $49.95
Christmas with Johnny Cash-The Yule Log
Featuring the world s greatest Christmas music set to your choice of three heart-warming holiday scenes, THE YULE LOG DVD lights up the holiday season. Perfect for entertaining, these songs and scenes instantly bring the good cheer and magic of Christmas to any holiday home.
Price $19.95
The Baron and the Kid
This 1984 TV movie is about a pool shark who meets his son for the first time at a charity competition. When they discover their relationship, they decide to join forces financially and professionally, and open a pool hall together. Stars Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Claude Akins, Darren McGavin.
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The Man In Black-A Documentary
Johnny Cash: The Man in Black documents the career and life of the revered country-music performer. The film touches upon his boyhood and the sad death of his brother, Jack, examines his time in the military, and spends a good deal of time discussing how he rose to international fame on the strength of such legendary songs as Folsom Prison Blues," "Walk the Line," and "Ring of Fire." The film mixes archival footage alongside interviews with Cash's family members and contemporaries. Documentary only; no music.
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Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest
"Rainbow Quest was a TV series hosted by Pete Seeger and filmed in the mid 1960s when folk music had enormous popularity. One show on this volume features an edgy, cagey Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter Cash reminiscing about his early influences and singing many early country ballads. The other show features Roscoe Holcombe, a banjo/guitar player from Hazard, Kentucky. The intensity he brings to traditional performance led Eric Clapton to call him ""his favorite country musician."""
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Music in Review
Classic Rock Legends DVD from UK present Johnny Cash in the Music In Review DVD. Anamorphic Widescreen - 1.78 Audio - English Subtitles - French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish. Johnny Cash was one of the most imposing and influential figures in post-World War II Country music. He had a basic, distinctive sound and he created his own subgenre, somewhere between the direct emotional honesty of folk, the rebelliousness of Rock'N'Roll and the cutting edge of Country. However, there was a deep sense of history as evident with his series of historical albums which kept him forever tied with Country as he was one of Country music's biggest stars of the '50s and '60s, scoring well over 100 hit singles.
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A Concert Behind Prison Walls (V)
Johnny Cash headlines this 1976 televised concert, shot inside the Tennessee State Prison and featuring Linda Ronstadt, country picker Roy Clark, comedian Foster Brooks, whose '70s drunk act was always amusing. Ronstadt is surely appreciated for her sweet pop-blues (her "Love Has No Pride" nears epic intensity), and Clark's showmanship works with kitsch like "Orange Blossom Special." But it's Cash's "Sunday Morning Coming Down," Folsom Prison Blues," and famously bloody "Boy Named Sue" that resonate most powerfully with his, uh, captive audience.
Price $21.99
Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash Road Show
This DVD captures 30 of the early performances of Presley and Cash as they were taking their first steps on the ladder to stardom and international fame and on the accompanying audio CD they are joined by their Million Dollar Quartet cohorts, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins in a truly memorable collection of recordings. Bonus extras include rare Sun Records footage and Johnny Cash performing a spoof of Elvis Presley's hit 'Heartbreak Hotel'.
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Johnny Cash Live From Austin Texas
Johnny Cash was a consummate professional during good times and bad, and this complete, uncut 50-minute set from the long-running PBS concert series Austin City Limits shows the Man in Black in fine form, recorded at a time (January 3, 1987) when his career was in a state of uneasy transition. Despite the success of his 1985 album Highwayman, Cash had been dropped by Columbia, his label of 28 years, and one can sense a hint of weariness in this otherwise-fine performance. As evident by the warm, enthusiastic audience, this eclectic gig also hints at the personal and professional revival that Cash would enjoy in his later years with producer Rick Rubin. Like many of Cash's typical tour gigs, this one opens to the familiar strains of "Ring of Fire," and includes a handful of hits ("Folsom Prison Blues," "I Walk the Line," "Long Black Veil") along with a few rarities thrown in for good measure. Recommended to Johnny by Kris Kristofferson, a cover of John Prine's heartbreaking song "Sam Stone"--about the travails of a heroin-addicted Vietnam veteran--proves to be a perfect fit for Johnny (and a personal favorite), although Johnny (ever the devout Christian) changes the lyric "Jesus Christ died for nothin', I suppose" to "Daddy must have suffered a lot back then, I suppose," while retaining the song's sad, tragic tone. Cash then follows with a crowd-pleasing rendition of "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky," and his devoted wife, June Carter Cash, joins Johnny on "Where Did We Go Right?," a song by David Loggins (newly recorded at the time) that serves as a fitting tribute to the Cashes' long-term marriage. Johnny Cash considered this to be one of his finest TV performances, and considering this DVD's superior sound quality, recorded in an intimate setting, who are we to argue?
Price $24.95
The Gospel Road
Johnny Cash, the legendary Man in Black, telling the story of Jesus Christ as only he can tell it; from the heart with no compromises. Cash stars in, sings, and narrates this timeless tale of faith, courage, Jesus' selfless acts of kindness and charity. Featuring original songs by Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, and Kris Kristofferson, and written and produced by Cash, "The Gospel Road" is his most passionate labor of love. Cash funded and produced the film in 1973. It was the first film on Christ produced entirely in the Holy Land. DVD-R
Price $19.95
Walk the Line (Widescreen Edition)
The Academy award winning chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash's life, from his early days on an Arkansas cotton farm to his rise to fame with Sun Records in Memphis, where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. J.R. Cash takes an early interest in music while growing up on an Arkansas cotton farm in the Great Depression. He is very close to his elder brother Jack, who dies in an accident involving a table saw in 1944 when J.R. is out fishing. His guilt about this event is not helped when his father blames him as well, so it comes as a welcome escape when he is old enough to enlist in the air force and is sent to Germany. Inspired by a film he sees there, Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison he composes a song, "Folsom Prison Blues." Leaving the air force Cash marries and attempts to succeed as a door-to-door salesman in Memphis, Tenn. but his heart is in music and he succeeds in an audition with Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Soon Johnny is touring and meets June Carter, who has been a country star since childhood. Although they are drawn to each other, they are married to others. Touring takes a toll on Johnny's marriage, and in the 1960's he becomes addicted to amphetamines. His marriage ends and June helps him beat the drug dependency. Reading fan letters from prisoners inspires Cash to perform a concert at Folsom Prison, which leads to a very successful album. June finally accepts Johnny's proposal of marriage given as they perform together on stage in Ontario in February, 1968.
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Door To Door Maniac
Johnny Cabot (Johnny Cash) is a small-time hood who schemes with ex-con Fred Dorella (Vic Tayback) to knock off the Harper Federal Trust Bank, reputed to be as impenetrable as Fort Knox. The two decide that the only way to make off with the cash is to force bank president Kenneth Wilson's (Donald Woods) cooperation by taking his wife hostage. As Dorella proceeds to Harper Federal, Cabot invades the executive's home. There he encounters Mrs. Wilson (Cay Forrester), a sexy firecracker of a woman, who gives Cabot a run for his money. Trapped in the house together, the two discover they are unable to deny their animal attraction to each other.

One of America's pre-eminent popular musicians of the 20th Century, Johnny Cash is best remembered for his distinctive fusion of country, rockabilly and rock 'n' roll. Crooning several songs in this tense and gritty thriller, Cash delivers a shocking, early screen performance with his "Man In Black" demeanor already in full swagger.
Price $15.95
Johnny Cash-Live in Denmark
Johnny Cash and a slew of friends and family members take center stage for Live in Denmark 1971, a performance that's part revue, part career overview, and pretty much all good. That the show works so well may surprise some, as the setting is hardly some funky backwoods honky tonk, or even San Quentin; indeed, the Danish TV studio is antiseptic, and the audience, while polite and receptive, is for the most part rather restrained. But Cash is positively ebullient throughout this hour-long appearance, smiling, laughing, even dancing, clearly in peak form as he rolls out the hits, including "A Boy Named Sue," "I Walk the Line," "Folsom Prison Blues," and no less than three Kris Kristofferson songs ("Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down," "Me and Bobby McGee," and "Help Me Make it Through the Night," the latter one of several duets with wife June Carter). He's also happy to share the stage with his cohorts, of whom there are many. Rockabilly pioneer Carl Perkins, then playing guitar along with the Tennessee Three, Cash's usual backup band, ignites the crowd (well, sort of--they aren't exactly moshing in the aisles, but they're definitely into it) with "Blue Suede Shoes" and a thoroughly rockin' "Matchbox," perhaps the highlight of the whole show; the Statler Brothers step forward for "Flowers on the Wall," an obvious but still welcome choice; and even mother-in-law Maybelle Carter, a bona fide country music legend, is on hand, singing with June and sisters Helen and Anita. The entire crew comes onstage for an extended gospel finale, culminating with a rousing "Children, Go Where I Send Thee." All in all, a terrific addition to the legacy of the Man in Black.
Price $16.99
Gospel Music of Johnny Cash
A story of faith and redemption with Johnny Cash, "The Man in Black." Plagued by addiction and heartbreak, fulfillment eluded the iconic Man in Black despite his hits, awards, and millions of devoted fans. Hosted by Dan Rather, this probing musical documentary investigates Johnny Cash's lifelong spiritual odyssey, his authentic faith, and his love for gospel music. Features song performances, vintage footage, family photos, interviews, a Holy Land trip, and more. Interviews with John Carter Cash, Marshall Grant, Rosanne Cash and the Statler Brothers. Includes never-before-aired clips and rare family photos.

“Johnny Cash was one of the most iconic talents to emerge in country music in the '50s; he was a bold and uncompromising artist who spoke his mind and performed the sort of music he chose regardless of what record companies, concert promoters, or network television executives expected of him. But "Johnny Cash the Nashville rebel" was also a devout Christian, and his faith informed both his life and his music in many unexpected ways. The Gospel Music of Johnny Cash is a documentary narrated by Dan Rather which looks at Cash's life and career and how his Christianity guided his music, helped him kick a longtime drug habit, and gave him solace in the lonely days following the death of his wife June Carter Cash. The Gospel Music of Johnny Cash features extensive footage of Cash performing his inspirational music, including plenty of material from his many television appearances with evangelist Billy Graham.” ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide
Price $24.95
Johnny Cash The Line
Following the tremendous success of the blockbuster movie "Walk The Line" we present this unforgettable DVD program revealing the untold story of Johnny's quest for stardom and of the pitfalls he encountered en route. Intertwined with his remarkable life story we also present rare concert footage underlining the magic of his performances, with such all time great tracks as "Heartbreak Hotel" and "A Boy Named Sue." Johnny was in all respects a giant of entertainment whose individualistic singing skills have been at the forefront of five decades of rock; if his devoted followers have a role to play it will be to keep him there exactly where he belongs, for at least another five.
Price $18.95
On February 24, 1969, two days before he turned 37, the legendary Johnny Cash led his traveling troupe behind the foreboding walls of the California State Penitentiary at San Quentin, long known as one of America's toughest prisons. Thirteen months earlier, the Johnny Cash Show made musical history when they appeared at another notorious California state pen. The concert yielded what became Cash's best selling album up to that time, JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON, which in July 1968 entered the "Billboard" LP chart and stayed on it for 39 weeks, reaching number 13..

JOHNNY CASH AT SAN QUENTIN, FOLSOM's follow-up and companion piece, upped the chart-success ante and then some; on August 23, 1969 it reached the top of the LP stack in "Billboard" and remained there for four weeks, making it the best-selling of all Cash longplayers.

Originally a single album, AT SAN QUENTIN is now a deluxe three-disc, Legacy Edition package: two CDs containing 31 selections, 13 of them previously unissued, plus a DVD called JOHNNY CASH IN SAN QUENTIN, a 1969 documentary made by England's Granada TV for British television. It is, by turns, exhilarating and harrowing; among the tunes is a full rendition of "A Boy Named Sue," the rollicking, rowdy smash that in 1969 topped the C & W singles charts for five weeks, while also reaching number two on the Pop side. There are also interviews, some searingly candid, with the prisoners and guards who were present when the Johnny Cash Show packed the big house.

Backed by his scythe-sharp band, the Tennessee Three, Cash's quavering bass-baritone renders hits, hymns, history (personal and American), humor and, of course, the singular "boom-chicka-boom" railroad rhythm that is one of Country music's most ineffable, instantly identifiable sounds. The bill also includes first-rate performances from rockabilly king Car
Price $45.95
JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON-Legacy Edition Deluxe 40th Anniversary 2-Cd+DVD
Box Set Makes History with Release Of - Yes - Two Shows!
• CD One: 65-minute first show -with seven previously unissued tracks
• CD Two: 75-minute second show - with 24 previously unissued tracks (of 26)
• DVD: new documentary film - with exclusive Folsom Prison footage, interviews with Merle Haggard, Rosanne Cash, Marty Stuart, and former inmates at concert, and unpublished photographs by Jim Marshall

It’s one of those dates that is embedded in music history. January 13, 1968, the day that Johnny Cash and his crew - June Carter (two months before their wedding), Columbia staff producer Bob Johnston, Carl Perkins, the Statler Brothers, and the Tennessee Three (guitarist Luther Perkins, bassist Marshall Grant, drummer W.S. "Fluke" Holland), rolled into northern California's notorious maximum security lockup and gave a performance that changed Cash's career arc and the future of popular music. Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison, the LP issued on Columbia Records the following May, became a cultural benchmark in the midst of the single most tumultuous year in American history since the end of World War II. It was more than a record album - it was the turning point for a generation.

Forty years later, the Cash archives in Tennessee continue to dazzle researchers with their riches. In fact, as rarely known by even the most ardent fans, and rarely mentioned in Cash writings until now - there were two Folsom shows performed and recorded that day: The first show, the bulk of which comprised the classic, familiar 16-song album; and a longer second show, the bulk of whose 26 tracks (except for two songs) were put on the shelf.

JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON: LEGACY EDITION has been a long time coming, indeed. The revealing three-disc (2 CD+DVD) close-up of that day now presents the entire unvarnished 65-minute first show on disc one - expletives intact for the first time, and with seven previously unissued tracks; and the entire 75-minute second show on disc two, with 24 previously unissued tracks (out of 26). It's topped off with a new documentary DVD - featuring exclusive footage from inside Folsom, interviews with Merle Haggard, Rosanne Cash, Marty Stuart, and former inmates who witnessed the concert, and unpublished photography by Jim Marshall.

JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON: LEGACY EDITION, the latest deluxe display-book box set entry in the Legacy Edition series will be available at all physical and digital outlets starting October 14th through Columbia/Legacy, a division of SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.
Price $45.95
The Pride of Jesse Hallam
Johnny Cash stars as Jesse Hallam, an illiterate coal miner from Kentucky, moves to Cincinnati so that one of his daughters may receive spinal surgery. Determined to support his family in the city, he decides he must learn how to read and write as an adult, and resolves to graduate from high school. Also starring Brenda Vaccaro and Elli Wallach.
Price $18.95
Johnny Cash - The Man, His World, His Music
Film-maker Bob Elfstrom documented several months in Cash's life alongside guitarist Carl Perkins (legendary rock star of the fifties), bass player Marshall Grant, drummer W.S. Holland and the Carter Sisters, June, Helen and Anita. The film was shot between August 1968 and early 1969 and cuts and pastes live clips with fascinating home, backstage and behind-the-scenes footage to offer an insider's glimpse of a man on top of his game. A one-of-a-kind look into the life of one of America's most important artists. Includes a rare appearance with Bob Dylan on "One Too Many Mornings." This release is fully endorsed by the John R. Cash estate.
Price $16.95
Road to Nashville
The biggest country music jamboree ever filmed, this musical adventure is the story of a Hollywood production company shooting a country music film in Nashville. Though an inept assistant is left to hire the talent, mistakes are survived and a show featuring 60 great stars singing 38 smash hits is produced! Stars include Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Connie Smith and more. 1967
Price $16.95
The Wild West just got a little wilder. A steadfast driver, determined to get his passengers where they need to go, leads his stagecoach through dangerous Apache territory, despite warnings from the Cavalry. The intrepid passengers include a pregnant woman resolved to find her husband before she gives birth, a drunken dentist, a bank manager with a case of stolen money, a gambler, a liquor salesman, and the infamous Ringo Kid among others. As the journey becomes more and more treacherous, each of the travelers must face their fears and fight for their lives, in order to get to their final destination. Starring Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings. Subtitles in English and French. 1986
Price $16.95
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