We scour the world for rare and original Johnny Cash vintage collectibles that are hard to find anywhere. Each is an original and in most cases we have only one in stock at any given time. Since these are original vintage treasures, condition is gently used in most cases unless otherwise noted.

We are proud to offer the following museum-quality Johnny Cash treasures.

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jc1180815_sm.jpg "A Gunfight" Lobby Card Set $175.00

Terrific complete collection of all eight 11 x 14 inch lobby cards used by movie theaters to display in the lobby to promote the film which featured Johnny Cash and co-star Kirk Douglas in the 1970 film. The lobby cards are in color and in very nice condition. Complete sets can be difficult to find and these are excellent examples. These cards were actually used by a theater and as such are in gently used condition.

jc1180812_sm.jpg "The Gospel Road" Lobby Card Set $150.00

Excellent condition of all eight 11 x 14 inch lobby cards displayed in movie theater lobbies to promote the 1974 theatrical release. In full color and in excellent condition. A great opportunity to acquire a hard to find set.

jc11209-01.jpg 1960 Johnny Cash Concert Song and Picture Folio $75.00

The second Johnny Cash Show folio used at concerts and personal appearances in 1960. Features 32 pages of photos, sheet music and much more. A great collectible! We have an extremely limited number of these and the condition is overall very good.

memorabilia/small/jc11201-01.jpg 1970 Johnny Cash Show Concert Program. $45.00

Great program from 1970 used at live concerts. Features 32 pages packed with photos, information and much more. We have an extremely limited number of these and the condition is overall very good.

1045s.jpg 1970's Johnny Cash Fan Club Postcard (5x8.5) $13.95

An original 5ö x 8 ? ô postcard sent out by JohnnyÆs office to fans in the early 1970Æs. Excellent condition.

1046s.jpg 1970's Johnny Cash Fan Club Postcard (5x9) $13.95

An original 5ö x 9ô postcard sent out by JohnnyÆs office to fans in the early 1970Æs. Excellent condition.

1051S.jpg Blistered Sheet Music $24.95

Original sheet music for Cash's 1969 hit. In excellent condition.

jc26-01.jpg Cash Country VIP Button $12.95

An original 3 inch button used to identify VIP's when they visited Johnny backstage at the Johnny Cash theatre in Branson, Missouri when Johnny played there in the early 90's. Available in very limited quantity

memorabilia/small/flight_small.jpg Flight by Johnny Cash $795.00

For years, Johnny Cash doodled, sketched and, eventually, painted. He did so informally and never gave a thought to the fact that his work would have appeal to the fine art community. In 1993 Cash showed his friend, Bill Miller, a painting he did entitled "Flight." Click image or title to read more ...

jc_32909_16-01.jpg Johnny Cash Closeup $29.95

Paperback published for school students in 1971 by Scholastic Books, this 94 page book is nicely written and illustrated. In good used condition.

jc11300712-small.jpg Johnny Cash Personal Chattanooga City Limits New Years Card $75.00

Direct from Johnny Cash's personal collection is this 1981 New Years card which was sent to friends and acquaintances by Johnny and June. The song, a comedic favorite, was a highlight of the album The Baron, on which it appeared. The card features a caricature of Cash as described in the song on the outside and the words "Best Wishes For The New Year" inside. Unfolded and in excellent condition. 7 inches x 10 inches.

jc12020824_sm.jpg Johnny Cash Stamp Souvenir Sheet $49.95

An actual postage stamp issued by the Republic of Guinee (Africa) to commemorate the life and career of Johnny Cash. The sheet measures 4 x 5 ½ inches and the perforated stamp is at center. Very attractive artwork featuring dramatic images of Cash. Also included a 4 x 6 photograph of Johnny Cash which would be a nice pairing if one wished to have the stamp sheet matted. Housed in a protective hard plastic sleeve.

jc118082_sm.jpg Rare 'Promo Only' 45 RPM Record/It Takes One to Know Me $17.95

Mint condition promotional record issued to Johnny Cash and June Carter box sets. This unusual record features one of Cash’s Sun hits (Get Rhythm) on one side (complete with replica Sun label) and on a replica of an early Columbia Records label, It Takes One to Know Me by Johnny and June. These were never available for sale.

1047d.jpg Rare 1969 Johnny Cash Book Cover $50.00

Original book cover used by students to decorate textbooks in 1969. Measures 13” x 20” and in great condition with normal wear. Considering what these were used for, very few remain and these are very scarce.

jc12020826_sm.jpg Rare American Recordings Promotional Johnny Cash Dollar Bill $39.95

Hilarious promotional item designed and conceived by American Recordings chief Rick Rubin in 1995. The piece indicates that this is “One Johnny Cash Buck” and is “Good For One Point Towards Johnny Cash Prize.” It is not known whether the promotion ever took place, which is why these are so prized by collectors when they become available. On heavy stock and in mint condition.

85096a.jpg Rare and Desirable Survivors Extended Play 45 RPM Promo Only Record $19.95

A very rare and seldom encountered extended play 45 record made to promote the 1980’s collaboration of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins album The Survivors. This record was made only for radio station and contains four songs; one solo by each and one song by all three. In mint condition.

memo1016098.jpg Rare Door to Door Maniac Pressbook $75.00

Fabulous promotional press book for the rare thriller made by Cash in 1961. Press books are used by the press and theater owners as tools to help promote a film. The press book contains advertisements which can be placed in local newspapers, synopsis of the film, promotional ideas and gimmicks, samples of the movie posters available for a film and more. The press book measures 11 x 17 inches and (including cover) has six pages. In excellent condition with typical folds.

92210-5.jpg Rare Johnny Cash 7-11 Slurpee Cup $125.00

A very rare 16 ounce hard plastic slurpee cup, circa 1975, featuring Cash’s likeness on the front and a brief bio on the back. Few of these cups survive today and this is a fine example for the serious Cash memorabilia collector. Johnny Cash once jokingly remarked to JohnnyCash.Com founder Bill Miller “You know you’ve made it when you’re on a Slurpee cup…”

jc11213-01.jpg Rare Johnny Cash Hollywood Walk of Fame Trading Card $25.00

A very scarce color trading card, produced in 1991, commemorating Johnny Cash's star of the Walk of Fame. The card features biographical data and career highlights. In mint condition

jc12020825_sm.jpg Rare Johnny Cash KRNT Concert Ticket $59.95

An exceptional grouping for the discriminating collector of important memorabilia! First, we have an authentic unused ticket for the Johnny Cash Show at the legendary Des Moines, Iowa venue dated April 23, 1968. Accompanied by an original ticket envelope. We’re also including a 4 x 6 vintage portrait of Cash and a photocopy of the original box office manifest for this very show which depicts all ticket sales in great detail. A very nice grouping, available only in the Johnny Cash General Store.

jc11080816_sm.jpg Rare Johnny Cash Letterhead $49.95

An authentic piece of stationery from Johnny Cash’s office in Ventura, California, circa early 1960’s. The stationery features a target and actually has three die-cut bullet holes! This was used to write promoters, press, etc. In excellent condition and perfect for display. Highly unusual and very rare.

jc052208_small.jpg Rare Official Johnny Cash Backstage Pass $49.95

An extremely rare, unused cloth pass allowing the user to go backstage to meet the Man In Black. This style was used during the period of 1993 to 1996, during Cash's American Recordings comeback tours. Authentic Johnny Cash backstage passes are rare and highly collectable.

partridge1.jpg Rare Original Johnny Cash Partridge Family Film $75.00

Unknown to many is the fact that Johnny Cash appeared in the pilot of the legendary TV series to introduce the fictional Patridge Family on his ABC TV Show . This is an original 16mm film used to promote the new series. An original vintage reel from 1971, this is a very rare item. In excellent condition and ready to screen!

1050S.jpg See Ruby Fall Sheet Music $24.95

Original sheet music for Cash's 1969 hit. In excellent condition.

jc11206-01.jpg Songs of Johnny Cash $49.95

A very comprehensive book published in 1970 featuring tons of photos, biographical information, listings of hits and accomplishments and plenty of lyrics with music. This huge volume contains a whopping 241 pages. We have an extremely limited number of these and the condition is overall very good.

JC3290922-01.jpg Sothebys Estate of Johnny and June Carter Cash Auction Catalog $150.00

The amazing catalog, featuring hundreds of color photographs of Johnny and June’s personal belongings which were auctioned off for millions of dollars in 2004. Over 300 pages of lavish illustrations.

Extremely rare and hard to find. Please click on image or title to see an excerpt from the catalog.

jc1180814_sm.jpg The Exciting Johnny Cash Songbook $49.95

Very scarce songbook from 1969, containing music and lyrics to 25 songs as well as numerous photos from the Johnny Cash ABC TV series. This title is seldom found and this copy is in good used condition and is completely intact. 72 pages.

jc_32909_17-01.jpg The New Johnny Cash $29.95

This small hard cover book, published in 1973 takes a look at Cash’s life from a Christian perspective. Written by Charles Paul Conn and published by religious publisher Fleming Revell. 96 pages with photos. In good used condition with dust jacket intact.

jc_32909_18-01.jpg The New Johnny Cash - Paperback $19.95

Paperback version, published in 1973 takes a look at Cash’s life from a Christian perspective. Written by Charles Paul Conn and published by religious publisher Fleming Revell. 96 pages with photos. In good used condition.

jc202-01.jpg Vintage 1976 Lionel Trains Johnny Cash Box Car $225.00

A highly desirable original limited edition Johnny Cash "Ridin' The Rails" toy train box car (Model number 6-9780) produced by Lionel Trains in 1976 to commemorate the TV special starring Johnny Cash. A limited number of these 11" long cars were produced and it resides in mint condition in the original box. The car is fully functional and can be used with any Lionel electric train set of the same scale. Highly collectable and extremely limited.

92210-2.jpg Vintage Johnny Cash Porcelain Thimble $17.95

A nice vintage thimble produced to honor Johnny Cash on His 70th birthday in 2002. Produced in England by Birchcroft. A fine collectible.

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